After an accident, you can use your car insurance to claim for damages. However, even if you will have your car repaired after an accident, even if the car look as good as new and runs smoothly, the value of your car will be less than what it used to be.


If your car has never been in an accident, the amount it would be worth at resale will be a thousand more than if it has been in an accident and repaired. In order to make up for the difference, you can file for a diminished value claim.


What diminished value insurance claims can do is to let car owners recover the difference between the car's value before the accident and its value after it has been repaired.


Some car owners file their own diminished value insurance claim but other hire a private company to document the lower value. If an insurance company refuses to pay for the claims, then the car owner can hire a lawyer to take the case to court.


You will have no guarantee to claim diminished value at http://hansenprice.com/attorneys-services/ again you collision coverage if the car accident was your. There are not many insurance contracts that allow it, and it is only allowed in a few states. Cars that are flooded but not totaled out are also not covered, and you can't file for diminished value against your own coverage.


From an at-fault party's insurance company, every state will allow diminished value claims if someone hits your car. If the person that hits you is uninsured, there are many states that allow diminished value collection on your own uninsured motorist property damage coverage.


This process is not easy since even if the state allow a diminished value claim, insurance companies are not really required to pay it. You will need the car value's appraisal both before the accident and after repairs have been done if you want your claim to be successful. For more details about diminished value, visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/diminishing-returns.


Proving the loss is usually the vehicle owner's responsibility, and this has happened in the majority of cases.


Even if you have no intentions of selling your car, the first step to a successful claim is an appraisal. Diminished value is based on how much less the amount would be if you were to sell it after the repairs.



If the repairs did the restore the car adequately, value is lost. An example would be if the pain is mismatched. Or, the value is lost because it has already encountered damages from an accident. If you sell your used car to a dealer, most of them will look up your car history to see if it has been in an accident. Private buyers will also do that. And no one will offer you more money if you car was in a major accident. Know about us here!